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Perfect for brushing and fluffing both lash extensions and your own natural lashes, this spoolie helps to separate lashes and keep them looking gorgeous. 


The cap keeps things sanitary and makes it perfect for travel!


  • Lash Extensions: Best after cleansing and drying lashes. Starting just above the base of the extensions, gently brush through lashes. Use the tip of the brush to untangle any extensions that may have become twisted. 

    Natural Lashes: Brush lashes from root to tip. May be used after applying mascara to distribute product and remove any clumps.

    Brows: Brush brows up, then gently sweep toward tail. May also be used after applying brow pencil, gel, or pomade to distribute product and diffuse color. 

  • Using a mild cleanser (we recommend our Cabbage + Rose Water Cleasner), gently lather bristle to remove dirt/debris/makeup. Rinse with tepid water and allow to fully dry before replacing cap.